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Chebe and karkar oil hair fertilizer has been used for many years by the Basara And Chadian women to grow a healthy, lustrous and shiny hair. It is used to stop hair breakage and help recover bald or lost hair edges. Chebe and karkar oil is for all hair types be it relaxed or virgin hairs, it is also for all ages. Since it is a blend of all natural herbs, it has no negative side effects when used properly. Chebe and karkar oil should be applied to a wet hair, braided and loosened after 5-7 days and nothing More. Wash off and repeat the process. A continuous usage of the chebe will give you an amazing result. How to mix:Add a tablespoon of chebe in a plate, add enough karkar oil to it, you can also melt shea butter and add to the mixture to help give you an even more amazing result. Mix more quantity if need arises that is because the volume and lent of the hair determines the quantity of the product to be used.

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